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Independent Publisher 1.6

Independent Publisher v1.6 has been released. This release includes 1 new feature, 6 enhancements, 1 style change, 7 bug fixes, 3 new language translations (Spanish, German, and Czech), and an update to the French translation. There were 66 commits by 9 contributors!

New Feature: Overlay Post Title on Post Cover

This was a highly-requested feature that has finally made it in. If you use Full-Width Featured Images on your posts, you can now choose to display the title of the post overlayed on top of the featured image, instead of showing the title below the featured image:

Overlay Post Title on Post Cover

The post title itself fades out as you scroll down (see this post for a demo). Also, the post cover uses a DIV with the featured image set as the background, so if you want the post cover to take up 100% of the browser viewport (like, you can easly do so by adding the following CSS to a child theme: .post-cover-title-image { height: 100vh !important; }

The default style will have the post cover take up 75% of the browser viewport when the "Overlay Post Title on Post Cover" option is enabled. This allows you to see some of the post content in addition to the Post Cover.

There are no changes to the behavior of the existing "Featured Image as Post Cover" option, so if you decide not to use this feature at all, nothing changes from the way Featured Images worked prior to this release.

Enabling this option on a per-post basis

There's a new option in Dashboard → Appearance → Customizer → General Options that you can enable to have this setting 'always-on' when using a Full-Width Featured Image:

General Options: Overlay Post Title on Post Cover

However, it's also be possible to enable the "Overlay Post Title on Post Cover" option on a per-post basis, by creating a Custom Field on the Post with the key post_cover_overlay_post_title and the value true.

Special thanks to @descubraomundo who made this new feature possible. Check out for a great example of this new feature in use and for an amazing demonstration of how much you can customize the Independent Publisher theme.

Overriding the Featured Image Resolution

It's now possible to override the default Full-Width Featured Image resolution of 700px with any of the sizes that the_post_thumbnail() accepts (see WordPress Codex). This is useful if you use Full-Width Featured Images and want to show a higher resolution photo.

For example, the following code, which can be added to a Child Theme functions.php file, will use the highest (full) resolution available:

function __custom_independent_publisher_full_width_featured_image_size() {
    return "full";

add_filter( 'independent_publisher_full_width_featured_image_size', '__custom_independent_publisher_full_width_featured_image_size' );

The complete changelog for v1.6:

  • New Feature: Overlay Post Title on Post Cover. You can now choose to have the Post Title overlayed on top of the Post Cover, when setting a featured image to be full-width (Post Cover). See #47. (Thanks to @descubraomundo)
  • Enhancement: Social Menu now includes support for mailto: links. When you add a menu item with a mailto: link, an envelope icon will be displayed on the Social Menu. See #105. (Thanks to @bitzl)
  • Enhancement: When a Post has multiple categories, you can now define a single category to be shown in the post meta using a custom field called independent_publisher_primary_category and then the name of the category you want to show. See #122. (Thanks to @tlongren)
  • Enhancement: It is now possible to override the default maximum resolution of 700px for featured images. This is useful if you use Full-Width Featured Images (Post Covers) and want to use higher resolution images. See #129
  • Enhancement: Add support for Audio post format. See #140.
  • Enhancement: Added support for JetPack Responsive Videos. See #124.
  • Enhancement: Images with captions inside the Visual Editor now appear styled like they do when published. See #103. (Reported by @saddington)
  • Style Change: Removed long-dash prepend from <cite> elements. See #115.
  • Bug Fix: When using the Visual Editor, quotes now display newlines properly. See #108. (Reported by @saddington)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a missing closing div that was causing validation errors. See #113. (Thanks to @peterk)
  • Bug Fix: The JetPack Infinite Scroll loading wheel no longer displays at the top of the page, but rather at the bottom. See #104. (Reported by @manishsuwal)
  • Bug Fix: When using the JetPack Infinite Scroll module, the archive pages no longer display the irrelevant current page number content. See #110. (Reported by @manishsuwal)
  • Bug Fix: When a visitor submits a comment on a page without comments, and their comment requires moderation, the visitor will now see their unapproved comment on the page. See #119. (Reported by @manishsuwal)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue footnotes inside Aside and Quote format posts. See #125. (Reported by @manishsuwal)
  • Bug Fix: Main navigation menu and widget menu anchor elements are no longer set as block elements. This fixes an issue with browser plugins that utilize anchor elements for on-screen hints. See #127.
  • Translations: Added Czech language translation. (Thanks to @Tajdik)
  • Translations: Added Spanish language translation. (Thanks to @mkiramu)
  • Translations: Added German language translation. (Thanks to @JHillert)
  • Translations: Updated French language translation. (Thanks to @EddyLB)

If you installed the theme from, you should see a notification to update the theme from within your WordPress Dashboard (Dashboard -&gt; Updates). Otherwise, you can download v1.6 from

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