I’ve recently installed your theme on my new site and testing it at the moment. I would like to thank you for the job – the theme works very fast, looks great and minimalistic (that’s what I was looking for).
I’m not very good at programming in web design, but have some questions:
1. At the moment it gives the following microformats mistakes in Google Webmasters (missing: updated – for posts and Missing: author / updated – for pages). Is there any way to correct them or not to use microformats markup at all, if the theme features schema markup with all the data needed for search engines?
2. I’d like my site to be as SEO friendly as possible. I know that h1 is mostly used for the article title and have to be used only once on the page, h2 – for subtitles of the article.
The theme uses h1 for site-title and entry-title, h2 for site-description, site-published, site-published-date, entry-title-meta.
Has something changed with arrival of new things in web that multiple h1 are allowed without sacrificing correct searching results and position of the site? Is it possible to have h1 and h2 in the theme only for the article?