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Independent Publisher v1.5.1

Independent Publisher v1.5.1 has been released. This release includes 2 bug fixes, an enhancement to Galleries, and translation updates for French and Russian translations.

The bug fixes resolve two issues: 1) an issue with Galleries only showing one-column when they should've shown multiple columns, and 2) the Jetpack Infinite Scroll module not displaying content properly on mobile browsers.

Galleries also received an enhancement in this update and captions are now hidden by default and appear overlaid on top of the image when hovering over it.

Gallery Screenshot

Here's the complete changelog for v1.5.1:

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a nasty bug with Galleries where all galleries were one-column, instead of following the default 3-column layout. This also affected 4-column, 5-column, etc., layouts. See Issue #101.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with content not resizing properly on mobile devices when using the Jetpack Infinite Scroll module. See Issue #97.
  • Enhancement: Gallery image captions are now hidden by default and hovering over the image shows the caption overlayed on top of the image. See Issue #101.
  • Translations: Updated French translations (thanks to @EddyLB) See Pull Request #92.
  • Translations: Fixed Russian translations (thanks to @rad96). See Pull Request #93.
  • Translations: Allowed "Enabled" and "Disabled" strings in Theme Customizer to be translated. See Issue #98.
  • Misc: Fixed printf() warning in single.php. (Props to Zhuo)

If you installed the theme from, you should see a notification to update the theme from within your WordPress Dashboard (Dashboard -> Updates). Otherwise, you can download v1.5.1 from

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