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Getting Support for Independent Publisher on

If you are looking for support for the Independent Publisher theme, please make sure that you know which version of the theme you’re using. There are two versions of Independent Publisher with the same name, one that is maintained by Automattic and published to and another that is maintained on GitHub and published to (the original, for which this site exists).

The themes have the same name and the same look, but where you get support for each one is different.

If your site is hosted on and you installed the theme through, then you need to get theme support from I do not have any access to updating the theme on and I do not have control over that theme or the tweaks that were made to it.

The version of the theme that I’m maintaining (that you can download from this website and see listed at is meant for self-hosted sites that are running WordPress software downloaded from This is not the same as the managed-hosting provided by

So to reiterate, the Independent Publisher theme on is not maintained by me; it’s maintained by Automattic (the owner of They forked the original Independent Publisher theme and tweaked it for

If you are using and need support with the Independent Publisher theme, please get theme support from

Update for Independent Publisher 2: Automattic has released another version of the Independent Publisher theme on and named it Independent Publisher 2. You can get support for Independent Publisher 2 here.