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Independent Publisher v1.3.1

Its only been a few days since v1.2 was released, but there were several bugs that came to my attention shortly after the release which I’ve addressed in this release. The most important bug fixed in this release is related to Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll support (reported by Manish Suwal), so if you’re using that feature, I highly recommend upgrading.

There was also an annoying bug in the JavaScript that takes care of loading the comment form. This only affected the comment form when linking directly to the reply form for a specific comment (e.g., /?replytocom=12#respond), or when linking to the comment form itself (e.g., /#respond).

The complete changelog for v1.3 can be found below:

  • Fixed spelling mistake in theme description
  • Fixed Jetpack Infinite Scroll when browser width < 1200px
  • Fixed comment form bugs when using comment reply links
  • Added props to theme project contributors in style.css
  • Fixed issue with Theme Customizer Live Preview incorrectly changing the color of the Continue Reading link when modifying the Secondary Meta Text color (see Issue #66)
  • Fixed Sticky post alignment on browsers < 500px

Shortly after releasing v1.3, Eddy Lelièvre-Berna brought to my attention that the default language file was missing several translatable strings. I quickly fixed that and then added the French translation that Eddy Lelièvre-Berna contributed.

Here’s the changelog for v1.3.1:

  • Added French translation (contributed by Eddy Lelièvre-Berna)
  • Updated default language file (it was missing several strings)

If you’ve already installed v1.2 from, you should see a notification to update the theme from within your WordPress Dashboard (Dashboard -> Updates). Otherwise, you can download v1.3.1 from

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  1. Really enjoy this theme Raam. Sent you a quick PR to link featured images to their associated posts permalink.

    I got frequent requests to do that on my site. Added it to my child theme, then figured I might as well add it to the base, too. 🙂